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Artists: Black Coffee
Duration: 95:5
Bitrate: 192kpbs 44100kHz
Size: 130.59 MB
Rec Date: 18-May-2018

This energetic and a fiery live set recorded at the heart of the Mixmag DJ Lab NYC by the famous DJ of the South Africa Black Coffee & Themba. Download and listen to on our website GlobalDjMix.com.

This dj mix containe 24 South African House tracks!

Rating: 3.95/ 5  Votes: 20
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tracklist: Mixmag DJ Lab NYC (18 May 2018)

Comments (2):

Paul  (102.250.4.xxx)
Best mix
  06 December 2018 15:08
dali vincent  (141.0.12.xxx)
I like these track list guys
  25 August 2018 02:43
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